Chanel Camryn


Bursting on the scene mid-2022, Chanel Camryn has been making tsunami-like waves in the VR porn scene. At just five-foot-one, Chanel is the cutest little spinner that embodies all things sexy. She's got a couple of tattoos, a gorgeous smile of pearly whites, and the cutest perky little tits you've ever seen. Ms. Camryn is partial to both eating pussy and chugging dick. Being the petite little thing that she is, she's prone to being lifted up from point A to point B, all while getting fucked. Chanel loves cum shots on just about any part of her body, making her a moneyshot queen. Chanel Camryn is a VR porn producers dream. The way she performs on camera is insanely immersive, particularly for being so new to the scene - this girl is an absolute natural. Grab your VR headset and introduce yourself to Ms. Camryn in 180-degree 7K stereoscopic virtual reality here at BaDoinkVR.
Chanel Camryn grew up in Florida but moved to Alaska when she was 13 and went to high schoo in a small town called Seward. She moved to a bigger town but still lives in Alaska. She was a CAN and attended nursing school before deciding to do porn. She started an OnlyFans and then 3 days later was already with an agent!
Chanel Camryn simply loves when it gets rough – and since she's a petite blonde cutie, you have no idea what's the true sexual demon that she's hidden inside of that tiny little body. But we're gonna tell you something more about that now!   She comes from Alaska and is barely 20 years old – but that doesn't change the fact that she actually originates from Italy and that she has some of those hot European genes inside of her tiny body. She's been in the VR porn business for 3 months only, but she's already done a lot of virtual reality porn movies – which gives us some great hopes for her upcoming career and we have our fingers crossed for her future in the VR sex industry!   And did you know that she's pansexual? Yeah, she really is. And not only that – as she actually is bisexual, too. Well, okay, even more than that – she literally told us that she truthfully prefers to act with other girls! But don't worry about that, as she knows how to enjoy a nice cock, too – so perhaps you're gonna end up banging her and one of her colleagues, which could be a perfect scenario for you two, couldn't it be?   Oh, and not to mention that she literally told us that "the more dicks, the better" – you're not worried about her bisexuality anymore, right? Yeah, you really shouldn't be – she'll do miracles with your dick, we promise!   One last thing: she listed us a couple of her favorite things in sex – eye contact, creating a connection, and building a false reality that is seemingly real thanks to virtual reality technology. And with her ass being her (and our) favorite thing in her body… yeah, we're sure that you two are gonna spend a lot of amazing time together!
  • DOB: Dec 31 1969/ Age: 52
  • Measurements: 34B-26-36
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Body Type:
  • Body Art:
  • Ass Type:
  • Tits Type:
  • Breast Size:
  • Pussy Type:
  • Pussy Hair:
  • Birth Location: Florida
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Skin Complexion:
  • Weight: 114lbs
  • Height: 5' 1"
  • Number of Videos: 5