Michael Fly


It's not hard to see why Michael Fly is the stud that all the ladies want. His toned body is well-muscled in all the right places, and has just the hint of a tan. Once this guy gets it in his head that he wants to fuck, he'll do anything for his lover's pleasure before finishing.
Michael Fly is the perfect gentleman. He never misses the chance to open a door, say "Yes ma'am," or offer up a big bouquet of roses. In an industry like porn where men are expected to fuck without so much as a "Nice to meet you," a little chivalry goes a long way. This handsome stud has only been around for a couple of years, but he's already become one of the most talked about new faces in European porn. There's just something about his sweet, considerate vibe that gets the XXX honeys competing for his dick!
  • DOB: Jun 22 1992/ Age: 30
  • Birth Location: Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Skin Complexion:
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Number of Videos: 122