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Pretty blonde Lika Star VR comes home to find that her boyfriend has a surprise for her, a lovely stuffed bear covered in roses. She loves the gift and thanks you with something she knows you will love, a blowjob. You are happy to let her get to work with her pretty lips around your meat. Right in the middle of the fun, your stepsister Stefany comes in. She sees the bear and is instantly jealous. You never buy her anything like that. Stefany sees the way you are looking at her and decides that the girls should have a friendly contest. Whoever can get you off the best, can have the bear. Lika agrees and gets on her knees next to her friend. You feel just like the star of a VR Porn Scene as the two lovely young ladies using your cock as a prop. After they suck you, Lika lets Stefany gets fucked first. Stefany loves the way your big dick stretches her tight pussy and cums harder than she ever has with her own boyfriend. Lika can tell from the way you fuck her that her boyfriend is loving having two hot pussies at the same time. Trying her best to win the competition, Lika puts your cock in her mouth and sucks Stefany's cum from it. Not willing to lose, Sefany gets right up behind you and starts to eat your ass. You let them both suck you off, exploding all over their pretty faces. The bear has to go to Lika but you promise to buy Stefany another one if she will share your cock again.

Lika Star

Lika Star

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Stefany Kyler

Stefany Kyler

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Age: 19