The Astonishing Ela Darling

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Ela Darling is the absolute darling of KinkVR. Watch her first ever hardcore studio VR scene only on KinkVR. Ela is blessing us with all her astonishing beauty and wit in glorious 5K 180-degree virtual reality. But wait, what the fuck did you do in the kitchen? You call that cleaning the dishes? Because to Ela, it looks as filthy as your disgusting cock. After all, you were the lucky one. he sublime Ela Darling invited you to her home, to serve her. Now, your pathetic body has failed her. But she’s offering you a chance at redemption. Are you gonna take it? Grab your Oculus Go, Quest 2 or Valve Index and go prove to Ela how much you adore her. Are you worthy of the Astonishing Ela Darling?

Ela Darling

Ela Darling

No. Videos: 5

Age: 35