To Be A Slut, Or Not To Be

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Matty was excited to land the lead in her college play, but also very nervous. The part calls for some intimate romantic dialogue and some physical love scenes. Shy around guys, she has never even had a boyfriend and doesn’t feel any connection to the words she has to memorize. Nervous about her VR performance, Matty knows that she needs more rehearsal and asks her stepbrother if he will help. You know nothing about asking but agree to read the lines with her. Matty delivers a performance that is so passionate you can’t help but get turned on and when she goes in to hug you at the end she feels that your cock is rock hard. She is shocked but also flattered. Was her acting really that good, or do you have a crush on her? She has no idea that you masturbate every night to VR Taboo Porn just wishing that your sexy stepsister would catch you and join in. She sees your big cock and puts it into her mouth, feeling you throb and knowing she has you right where she wants you. Unsure of how far to take things, she is suddenly spun around and can feel the head of your cock pressing into her pussy. Her body is well beyond saying no and she pushes back until your hips slam into her ass cheeks. It feels better than she ever imagined it would. Matty has forgotten all about her lines and is just enjoying the way your big cock feels inside of her pussy. Before they go too far she makes you pull out so you can cum all over her cute face.



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