Pussy Squirtin Aint No Joke Part 2

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After Tiffany Watson and Paige Owens get away with a wild girl on girl squirtathon, Paige's boyfriend knocks on Tiffany's door. Tiffany quickly hides Paige under the covers and they pull the ol’ pussy switcharoo on him and tempt him with his own girlfriend's pussy. When he goes for the bait, he pisses off Paige who decides to teach him a squirty lesson and tie him to a chair to let him watch as the two ladies get back into their intense lesbian double dildo fuckathon. Paige's boyfriend is left sitting bedside to get splashed in the face more than a day at the waterpark. Weeeee!

Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson

No. Videos: 101

Age: 25

Paige Owens

Paige Owens

No. Videos: 121

Age: 24