Daddy, I'm Leaving Home

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Martha is both excited and sad. She is leaving today for college. On one hand, she knows that she has a whole new, exciting life waiting for her. On the other, she realizes that for the first time in her life, she will be far from home and her loving family. Of all the people in her life, she thinks she will miss her stepfather the most. They have always been close and as she packs to leave. In this VR porn video, Martha asks for his help in deciding which clothes she should bring with her to college. To her surprise you seem to react the best to the sexy, skimpy outfits she picks out. When Martha notices that you are trying to cover a bulge in your pants, she gets a wicked idea. Before she leaves for college, she needs to fuck you. You seem uncomfortable as she pulls her clothes aside to show off her horny pussy, but this cock is hard and you can’t resist when she puts her mouth on it. You know it is wrong, but also knows that you have been fantasizing about this while watching VR Porn for a while now and is not about to stop her from using her tongue to please step daddy. Now that she has your attention, Martha turns around and guides your dick into her juicy pussy. She never realized how much she wanted you until you were balls deep in her tight teen twat. She rides you and cum over and over, hoping to milk a load from you, but you don't want any accidents. You pull out and spray you go all over her pretty face. Now she can’t wait to have step daddy come visit her at college.


St Martha

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