Thats better then stealing it

Her Freshman Year -

Good ol Dick really knows how to pick them. He dropped a tape off today with an awesome new addition to the site. For the most part we've had nice college girls but this time we have a bad girl for Her Freshman Year. She goes by the name of Krystal Benz and this girl knows how to party. In high school all she did was smoke in the back of school; nice rebel chick you wish you could talk to! She has long dark hair but the nicest sweetest eyes. She admitted to us the she's a stoner and loves to smoke before fucking because it makes the sex 100x better. Also shes no stranger to breaking the law. After the shoot he took her shopping and she stole a bunch of a department store hahahaha. When she finally got Dick to whip it out she went to town. I've never seen a girl give a dick so much attention. She's a giver and the best part is she also knows how to get it!