Say yeah three times

Her Freshman Year -

Since you guys have been really good lately we have a present for you: a sweet southern belle by the name of Skyla Paige. My boy Christian discovered her. She's 19 years old from Myrtle Beach and she's such an innocent little teen. She moved out to LA to start working on her modeling/actress career and doesn't have too many friend but a hot girl like it won't be long until she has friends lined up around the block. The first thing you'll notice is that shes a tall girl and she says "Yeah" a lot but its kinda cute. A good girl like her is real submissive and will do almost anything you say. She has a really nice body with great natural rits but has dreams of getting implants in the future. He tried to convince her to rethink it but he ended up with his dick in her mouth. Who can think when a sexy is giving you head. I know I can't.