Big Cock Lesson From Our Teacher

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Stern teacher Amber Jayne has had enough of rebellious student Rebecca Volpetti and her in-school antics. After catching Rebecca and her friend Emily kissing in the girls' restroom, Amber decides to pay a visit to Rebecca's home. She begins to explain the situation to Rebecca's stepfather and notices him staring at her. His lustful looks and the story about her students kissing has Amber getting more and more turned on. As she flirts back, she notices his cock growing in his pants and Amber just has to have some of that for herself. She pulls it out and starts licking the head, finding that he has no objection to getting a blowjob from daughter's beautiful teacher. Rebecca and Emily come home to find Amber with her mouth full of cock. She quickly talks the girls into joining the fun and Rebecca's stepfather is happy with the arrangement. The two young blondes share his big cock while their busty teacher encourages them. Soon the lucky guy has all three hot babes passing his dick back and forth. Moving to the bed, Rebecca gets to try out father's dick in her pussy. She has had a crush on him for a long time and finally get to live out her fantasy. When Amber gets her turn, the two sexy students get a chance to recrate the kiss that got them in trouble in the first place. No one seems to mind any more. They just keep kissing while he takes turns fucking three very horny pussies. Amber takes control of his cock at the end, showing her students just how to make a many happy. She strokes and sucks his cock until he explodes all over her face. This may require several more after school meetings to resolve.