Young Mouths And A Cock Sucking Challenge

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There are lots of great things about having a hot stepsister like Anastasia Brokelyn. One of the best parts is that all of her friends are sexy and love to hang around the house in next to nothing. When you wake up you find sister and one of those hot friends, Sheryl Collins in their bras and panties playing a game. You don't let them know that you are awake and watch as they attempt to see which can take a banana deeper. They both gag, but not until they show off some pretty good skills. Watching them playfully sucking the fruit made you horny and had your cock raging hard. The girls see you watching and notice the bulge in your jeans. They decide that the contest can only truly determine a winner if there is a real cock to suck. Both girls playfully suck their bananas and your cock, taking it deep and keeping it rock hard. Sheryl catches you checking out sister's big tits and positions her so that she can wrap them around your cock. It is a very tight fit, but nothing compared to the way it feels when Sheryl squats over you and slides her slick snatch down over your throbbing pole. Watching you fuck her friend makes sister horny and jealous, but she can't fuck you. It just wouldn't be right. Of course she sucks your cock right out of her friend's hole to taste the juices. When you just can't take it any longer, you shoot your load all over their pretty faces. There are many great things about having a hot slutty sister like Anastasia. Fucking her friends is one of the very best.

Anastasia Brokelyn

Anastasia Brokelyn

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Age: 26

Sheryl Collins

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