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When Ginebra Bellucci finally got her cosplay costume right, she couldn't wait to show it off at the comic book convention. It had been months of planning, designing and customizing to get the look just right. She was so proud of how she looked and all of her friends approved. What she didn't expect was how the costume would affect the men at the convention. The looks she got from so many men were more than just admiration for her hard work and commitment to character. They wanted to fuck her in costume and their looks were in no way subtle. At first she was a unsure how she felt about their obviously lustful leering. Dressing up wasn't about being sexy, but somehow that is what happened. Throughout the day people would stop and ask for pictures with her. Ginebra could feel the heat coming off of certain men as they put their arms around her and complimented her costume. More than once she was certain she felt their hard cocks pressing into her side through her costume. Not used to this sort of attention, she was confused at first, but also turned on by how they responded to her. By the time she got home Ginebra's panties were soaked and she could barely get them off before reaching between her legs for relief. Leaving her costume mostly on, she rubbed her pussy furiously imagining all of those cocks she made hard lined up and waiting to fill her. She came harder than she could remember. Next time, it won't be just teasing.

Ginebra Bellucci

Ginebra Bellucci

No. Videos: 35

Age: 24