Sister's Duty To Give Brother Some Booty

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Anna De Ville has a fantastic weekend planned with her boyfriend. They have great sex, but have never tried anal. She plans to change that as part of his birthday celebration. . When she goes to the kitchen to have some breakfast, she finds her stepbrother already there. She also finds a cake her mom baked. It looks too good and Anna takes it out for a taste. She kneels on a barstool and her short dress slides up too high until brother gets a look at the anal plug she is using to get ready for her big date. Embarrassed she begs him not to tell their parents. He confesses that he has never tried anal sex. Since sister has done it many times, just not with her current boyfriend, she offers to show him how it's done. She tells him she will need to suck his cock a bit first to get it hard. To her shock and delight, Anna finds that brother's cock is already rock hard and quite large. She sucks it anyway to get it good and wet. They move to a barstool where she arches her back and lets him fuck her pussy for a few strokes. His anal lesson begin when she guides his cock from one hole to the next. He loves the way sister's ass feels around his cock, but they have to stop when they hear someone come home. Later that night, he sneaks into her bedroom and strokes his cock while she sleeps. Anna wakes up and finds that he wants to continue the lessons. She is still horny from her date and really likes his dick so she agrees. With more room to play she gets on top and rides him with her wet pussy. Wanting to feel him in her ass again, she puts him in her tight backdoor and pumps until her little hole gapes and he is on the brink of exploding. Anna finishes him off with her hands and mouth until he explodes all over her pretty face. He is hooked on anal now and she invites him back to fuck her ass anytime so long as he can keep it a secret from their parents and her boyfriend.