First Taste of Daddy's Cum

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Virtual Taboo

It is the first day of summer and with college classes on break, Vanna Bardot has a plan. She has had the hots for her mom's sexy new husband ever since the wedding. With no classes to worry about and no job to go to since her new stepdad is rich, Vanna waits for her mom to go out shopping for the day and then makes her move. She puts on a cute pink top and her tiniest jean shorts and goes to the kitchen to make him breakfast. By the time dad comes downstairs the smell of food fills the air and he can't help but notice how sexy daughter is as she serves him. Teasing him with a glimpse of her cheeks and a big smile, she puts the food on the table. Knowing she has dad's attention the precocious brunette makes her intentions very clear. She confesses that she has noticed him around the house, how kind he is, how sexy, how his body looks when he gets out of the shower. She also tells him how she has heard the intense moaning coming from her mother's bedroom and how it drives her crazy with desire and jealousy. Vanna puts whipped cream on dad's waffles and seductively tastes some for herself, savoring and swallowing the cream as if it were his cum. Noticing the bulge in father's pants, Vanna takes advantage and goes under the table for a taste of his cock. It is even bigger than she imaged and much larger than her boyfriend's. It fills her mouth as she eagerly pushes it to the back of her throat in an effort to please dad. Slipping out of her clothes she sits on his slap slowly, feeling every thick inch. She now understands just why her mother moans so loudly. He picks daughter up and puts her on the table, spreading her legs wide to make sure he goes all the way inside of her. It feels huge inside of daughter, but Vanna loves daddy's big dick and cums all over it. Wanting to taste sperm for the first time, she sucks his load from his cock and savors it. Vanna enjoys the taste and plays with his load, sitting it out, rubbing it into his skin and licking it up until she finally swallows it all. She loves daddy's cock and his cum and wants him to feed her every day this summer.